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Vigils (April 2013)

When you were born, I didn’t breathe for fear
Of what? Listening for a hushed sigh
In the soft dark, warm dew settling on my cheek.

Helix, wave, silver coin, and sharpest knife:
I could walk through fire for you, my only
Fear: what if it is not a choice?

At night, I picture my fears, like monsters
Under your crib. I come back to this: Cancer
Is not the worst that can happen to us.

The first died alone, in peace; hearts do forget to beat.
I lay on cold, solid ground, and the earth turned.
Stars watched: we were all in it together.

The second died lonely, in fear; we fall on our knees.
I wanted to believe in demons, but found only
Human weakness: such selfish creatures.

At dawn, I remember the lone candle,
Flickering softly in the darkness. If
You get to say good-bye, you are lucky.

E.B. (January 2015)

What Lies Beyond the Edge, Beyond the End? (December 2016)

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